About Oregon Outdoor Advertising Association


Outdoor advertising displays have promoted Oregon businesses along Oregon highways for decades.

The Oregon Outdoor Advertising Association was founded in 2007 to promote and protect the interests of the Oregon outdoor advertising industry.

  • The OOAA works with elected and appointed officials to preserve and enhance Oregon’s outdoor advertising industry comprised of advertisers, billboard owners, property owners, and industry vendors.
  • The OOAA facilitates the statewide promotion of important public service information by coordinating efforts among association members
  • The OOAA works with ODOT and other agencies in the State of Oregon to review, recommend and implement regulations concerning the outdoor advertising industry,
  • The OOAA has adopted guidelines regarding ethical and fair business practices within the industry
  • The OOAA promotes the practice of recycling and the use of recycled materials by its members.


Our Mission Statement

 The OOAA promotes the interests of the outdoor advertising industry, works to create and maintain a favorable image of the industry, provides a platform for the exchange of information among people and companies within the outdoor advertising industry, has developed a comprehensive public service program to provide important public service information in a uniform way throughout Oregon, and promotes and supports ethical and fair business practices within the industry. 


We Do Public Service

The OOAA supports those in need by increasing public awareness through outdoor advertising. We offer free and in-kind billboard advertising to non-profit organizations and causes that make a positive difference in their communities. We also provide public service announcements that promote safety, community-building, and schools. 


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